About Me

I have come to learn all massage is therapeutic whether it is to work on an area of injury or to offer relaxation and comfort from the daily stresses of our busy lives.

I realized the benefits of massage after two partial knee replacements and a hip replacement. I received massage therapy during the recovery period from each of those surgeries which allowed me to return to my active lifestyle with confidence, strength, flexibility and a lack of re-injury. Massage not only helped reduce the stress from the surgeries but also increased my range of motion; enhanced the physical therapy work I was involved in; broke up the subsequent scar tissue from the surgeries; and gave me a calmer state of mind to work from during each recovery.

I believe anyone can benefit from massage no matter what type of lifestyle you lead or situation you find yourself in. When a client gets a massage it helps reduce stress; allows better sleep; increases the ability to manage pain; boosts mental health and wellness; and, may increase range of motion.